Cognitrain is a brain training firm with a goal to revolutionize the way individuals learn by imparting scientifically proven strategies to reach their full learning potential. We live in times where mind power is more essential than muscle power. Today, the real challenge is to keep ourselves updated with the ever-evolving technologies, techniques, and topics in any given field. The skill of learning faster and efficient is taking precedence over grades, many professionals are obliged to learn new technologies and their current area of work is rarely similar to what they have studied formally.

Learning is a life long process and it should not be limited to 16 years of formal education. The formative years must lay the foundation for strong cognitive skills that help an individual steer through life which in turn leads to improvements in self-esteem, self-confidence, and emotional stability. Research has made it evident that our brain can keep developing new abilities throughout our lifetime. Systematic brain training can potentially result in the improvement of a number of cognitive skills including attention, working memory, problem-solving abilities, reading, etc.

Today, though our literacy rates are improving, more than 50% of students in grade five cannot read a grade two text and comprehend it precisely. The solution to this problem is teaching students “how to learn” along with what to learn. Quality and Quantity do not go hand-in-hand and it is time to lay stress on the quality of education. Only when we teach children to learn how to learn can we stop the majority of them from failing in academics and life.

“Education is preeminently a matter of quality, not amount. – Henry Ford”

At Cognitrain, our training programs are created by experts with an extensive focus on developing and strengthening core cognitive skills such as memory, attention, reading, creativity, planning and general learning. Over the course of our comprehensive workshops, students and professionals will be astonished by the depth of content and experience a visibly significant increase in their ability to recall information, organize their information and learn smarter.

Our Founder

Sri Vyshnavi Yarlagadda is an International Master of Memory representing India. She is the first Indian to win an open category medal at the World Memory Championships. She achieved this feat by winning the Gold medal in Names and Faces event at the 20th World Memory Championship – 2011 in Guangzhou, China. She is the first Indian to set a Junior World Record and also the first Indian woman to win a Gold medal in World Junior Memory Championships. She completed a hat-trick in 2012 by winning the gold medal at the World Memory Championship in London. She was the youngest Indian and the first woman in India to achieve the International Master of Memory title.

She was honored by the President of India, Shri. Pranab Mukherjee as one of the top 100 women achievers of India on 22 January 2016 at Rashtrapati Bhawan. She was one of the five sportspersons to have won the award.

From winning a Gold Medal at her debut World Memory Championships in 2010, She has come a long way by breaking records and making history with over 60+ National and International Medals in memory sports.

Vyshnavi has successfully managed to not let her passion interfere with her academics and life. Despite being homeschooled, She is a graduate in Psychology, Mass communications & Journalism. She is pursuing her masters in Clinical Psychology. She has studied fashion designing and launched her own clothing brand Navishka in 2019.

She attributes her success to her ability to learn faster and efficient than her peers. She is a firm believer that education is not meant to be hard but fun. She loves sharing her tips, tricks, and techniques to help individuals learn better and still make time for their hobbies and activities. She has been visiting various under-resourced schools in suburban and rural areas since 2017 and has trained many students.

Cognitrain is an effort to take her goal of revolutionizing the way individuals learn to the next level by reaching out to as many individuals and institutions as possible.

Her NGO, Cognitrain Foundation is an initiative that strives to reach out to under-resourced schools in suburban and rural areas to partner with them and help improve their effectiveness by conducting interactive workshops for teachers and students on the latest teaching methodologies and learning strategies.