Cognitrain foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and empower students and teachers with better learning and teaching methodologies to bring back the central importance of quality education.

With the constant rise of standards in our competitive world, student enrollment ratio is not the only concern anymore. Today, privileged students and teachers in the urban areas and private institutions have access to the latest learning and teaching methodologies to catch up with the competitive world unlike the students in under-resourced and remote schools and institutions in India.

Our Approach

We at Cognitrain foundation strive to reach out to these schools and partner with them to help improve their effectiveness by conducting interactive workshops for teachers and students on the latest teaching methodologies and learning strategies.

How can you support us

  • Volunteer

Join us in reaching out and conducting workshops and training programs in various under privileged schools across India.

  • Connect us with schools

Inform us about the underprivileged schools that would benefit from our programs or organizations that we can work with to take our mission forward.

  • Donate

Contribute and join us in the mission of providing quality education to all students.

All the donations made will go towards the operational expenses of our training programs.