Memory and sports together can sound a bit contradicting to our brains since they are deeply rooted to perceive memory as an inborn mental ability and sports as strictly a physical activity. But Memory sports have been a thing for a while now and they are slowly gaining their due popularity.

Memory sports or the mind sport of memory are competitions in which participants attempt to memorize and then recall different forms of information, under certain guidelines in the given time. Participants of such competitions are referred to as Memory Athletes or Brain Athletes. Every championship has ten different events and the timing of each event depends on the type of format the championship follows.

National Standard Championships are One-day competitions with shorter events. ( 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 Minutes)
International standard Championships are spread into two days with longer Memorization times. ( 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 Minutes)
World Memory Championships are spread into three days with Marathon events. ( 5 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 Minutes)

Memory Athletes must compete in each of the ten events and the athlete with the highest overall score wins the Championship Title for that year.
The Athlete with the highest score in each event wins the Gold Medal for that Individual event.

The Athlete with the highest raw score (i.e Number of Digits/Images/Dates/Names/Words) or the fastest timing of all time breaks the World/National Records and Sets a New Record.

Every athlete taking part in an official championship is added to the World Rankings List maintained by the International and World councils.

Each country has a NATIONAL championship every year and the best athletes get to represent their nation at The World Memory Championships!

National Championships are strictly for the citizens while National Open Championships allow competitors from other countries to compete for the title.

We will share each of the ten events and their timings in detail in the coming posts! Until then,

Happy Neurons!!